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Risk Assessment

What is the correct process to carry out a risk assessment at work? Health and social care workers in both the private and public sectors need to understand and carry out risk assessments for fall prevention in the workplace. There is a correct method to risk assessment; this course covers each step.   

If your role involves delivering care within a health and social care work setting carrying out regular risk assessments, this course is for you. It ensures that you will be equipped to provide quality care consistently.


It’s easy to miss hidden hazards in the workplace that might contribute to injuries if you haven’t been trained to look for them. Team members and managers alike must take on extra pressure when somebody is laid off work as a result of an injury at work.

Very often, they can be prevented by having somebody in the workplace who’s specifically trained to carry out a proper risk assessment.  


During the session, you’ll cover:

The step by step process of taking a risk assessment correctly
Why it is important to be able to conduct a risk assessment 
The differences between hazard, risk and control measures
What your key responsibilities as a risk assessor are as stipulated under the Health and Safety at Work Act
The five steps of risk assessment
The importance of record keeping and the correct way to do it.


This half-day course comprises an engaging mix of activities with fellow learners (maximum fifteen delegates). You’ll be asked to complete a simple multiple-choice assessment after you take the course. You will receive a certificate once you have passed the assessment.


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