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Level 3 Mental Capacity Act with DOLS for Managers

Learners will need to complete our training skills for trainers day before they attend any of our Train the Trainer course days. Please note that this is only compulsory if you have never attended one of our Train the Trainer course days before. You do not need to complete our training skills day if you have already attended.


There are likely to be many occasions when a health care or social worker will come across an individual who may lack the capacity to make a particular decision. Someone in your care may need extra support to make life-affecting decisions.


Are you familiar with the terms of The Mental Capacity Act and how it affects those who lack capacity? This course gives you a fuller picture of the legalities of your field of work. 

If you are working in health care or social work, you’re very likely to work with people with those who lack the capacity to make a particular decision. The Mental Capacity Act is designed to protect a person’s individual rights when they are incapacitated to look after themselves. As you are in a caring role, you need to know what the Mental Capacity Act states, how it is upheld and how it supports those to whom it applies.  


In this course, you’ll become familiar with:

What the Mental Capacity Act is and why it exists
Who it affects
The core principles of the Act 
Ways to assess a person’s mental capacity
A range of ways that may help a person with a mental illness to make their own decisions
The conditions for and meaning of ‘Deprivation of Liberty’
The forms of ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’ and when it can be used in a supportive role for someone’s welfare
When and how to make ‘Advance Decisions’
The Mental Capacity Act summed up.


This half-day course comprises an engaging mix of activities with fellow learners (maximum fifteen delegates). You’ll be asked to complete a simple multiple choice assessment after you take the course. You will receive a certificate once you have passed the assessment.


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