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Understanding Autism

Learners will need to complete our training skills for trainers day before they attend any of our Train the Trainer course days. Please note that this is only compulsory if you have never attended one of our Train the Trainer course days before. You do not need to complete our training skills day if you have already attended.


The symptoms of Autism are many and varied, which can make the condition difficult to identify in some cases. This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to identify the characteristics, the tools to understand in practice an individual with Autism and the confidence to give them your best care.   

Although everyone with Autism shares certain difficulties, it affects individuals in different ways. It is a lifelong, spectrum condition that affects a person’s ability to interact with society and his or her perception of the world at large.


As a developmental condition that is so long lasting, it’s crucial that people with Autism are given the tools to manage their lives in the way that is best suited to them as individuals. As a health or social worker, you will need to be able to identify the symptoms and customise your care to each individual.

On this course, you will be given detailed training on how to care for the personal needs of individuals with Autism, how to cope with unusual or difficult behaviour and how to interact with them most effectively.   

During the session, you'll cover:

A comprehensive overview of the nature of Autism
The Law and how it relates to people with Autism
The stigma and myths that have been traditionally associated with the condition
The theories concerning the causes of Autism and its development
How to identify different types of Autism such as ASD/PDD and a study of their characteristics
The triad of impairments
How best to manage occurrences of unusual or difficult behaviour
How best to interact with someone with Autism.

This full or half-day course comprises an engaging mix of activities with fellow learners (maximum fifteen delegates). You’ll be asked to complete a simple multiple-choice assessment after you take the course. You will receive a certificate once you have passed the assessment.


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